Model aircraft club pilots

Are you a member of a model aircraft club? On these pages you will find instructions and advice on flying model aircrafts in clubs.

Model aircraft clubs may apply for an authorisation that will allow them to deviate from the ‘open’ category requirements. In addition to this, UAS geographical zones allowing more relaxed rules than those of the ‘open’ category, in terms of flight altitude, for example, have been set up to make club activities possible.

Members of model aircraft clubs may continue flying their drones and model aircraft in accordance with the national aviation regulation OPS M1-32 until 1 January 2023. In the EU Drone Regulation, this transition period has been specified to pertain to club activities, in particular, meaning that this transition period does not apply to hobbyists flying drones alone. In addition to the national aviation regulation, club members must also follow their club rules and instructions in order for the operation to be considered aircraft club activity.

Despite the transition period, model aircraft club members must register according to the same rules as other drone users. Click here  for more information and registration instructions.

Regulation OPS M1-32 sets rules for flying model aircraft until 1 January 2023.

Restrictive and prohibitive UAS geopraphical zones apply to all kinds of Unmanned Aircrafts. UAS geographical zones are published here .


See Traficom's website for information on the use of frequencies and tips for purchasing wireless devices.