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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the terminal device when using websites. Information is stored in cookies during the use of the site and between visits. With cookies, it is possible to ensure the technical functionality of digital services. With the help of cookies, we also get information with which we can improve the accessibility of the contents, the retrievability of information and the general user experience.

Cookies do not harm your files, software or devices, and they do not spread viruses or read any other data on your device’s hard drive.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies enable functionality that is necessary for using the web page or service, such as logging in, remembering the user when moving from one page to another, filling out forms or improving accessibility. Essential cookies are mostly set by the service provider themselves and are session-specific. According to law, you do not need to ask for consent for the use of essential cookies, but it is recommended to inform about the use of cookies.

TraficomApuri chatbot

Essential cookies are used in connection with the chatbot, which enable the operation of the service. You agree to save cookies in your browser when you use the service. Cookies are only saved into your browser when you open the chatbot chat window, and the cookies are deleted when the browser session ends.

Name: front-s-BoostID

Purpose: Saves the encrypted identifier of the conversation with the chatbot, allowing the conversation to continue after a page load or navigation to another site and back.

Validity: Session based cookie