Drone Operator Register Now Online — Register and Sign Up for the Theory Exam

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom's drone operator register is now available. Drone pilots can use it to register and sign up for the online theoretical knowledge exam. New European drone regulations require all drone operators, both recreational users and professionals, to register, familiarise themselves with the principles of drone operations and, in most cases, pass a theoretical knowledge exam. Registration and the exam can be accessed via the droneinfo.fi website.

“Our secure registration system is now available to drone pilots, and the exception that allows Finnish pilots to fly without having to register expires on 1 February. All drone operators are now required to register. Previously, the obligation only applied to professional pilots. In addition, pilots must, as a rule, pass an online theoretical knowledge exam before flying,” said Team Leader Patrik Söderström.

The online registration service for drone operators was developed in partnership with Fintraffic Air Navigation Services

The register and exam bring greater safety

“The number of drones in our skies is constantly increasing. The requirement to register and pass the examination brings greater reliability and safety in the context of drone operations. It is essential that we ensure the safety of pilots and others in their vicinity, as well as that of the surrounding environment and the drone itself. Familiarisation with the principles of drone operations makes it possible to fly safely, and could also give rise to new innovations and drone-related services,” said Deputy Director-General Jarkko Saarimäki.

Information on the new rules, registration and the theory exam can be found on Traficom's droneinfo.fi website (External link) (currently available in Finnish). The new rules bring changes to existing practices in drone operations, including no-fly zones and flying altitude, which is set at 120 metres. The basic principles of safe flying will remain the same, however. The regulations also introduce a system of categories in drone operations, with particular requirements for each.

Category A2 flights allowed without additional theory exam until 1 April 2021

Traficom has decided to allow pilots to fly drones in subcategory A2 until 1 April 2021 without needing to pass a supervised additional theory examination. In order to operate drones in subcategory A2, pilots must have passed the A1 or A3 theory exam and hold a valid certificate. In addition, they must complete the required practical training before taking the A2 exam.

For more information on the requirements for each category, see the droneinfo.fi website (External link).

Other rules regarding transition periods between the new and old laws are only applicable to those who have registered previously and members of model aircraft clubs. For more information on the new drone Regulation, see the droneinfo.fi website (External link) (currently available in Finnish).


Patrik Söderström, Team Leader, Unmanned Aviation, Transport System Services, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom
Tel. +358 29 534 6120, rpas(at)traficom.fi