Restrictions to aviation in Helsinki and the surrounding areas between 15 and 17 July 2018 – applies also to drones

7/13/18, 12:00 PM

Aviation will be restricted in the city of Helsinki and in the surrounding areas from 6 am on Sunday 15 July to 8 am on Tuesday 17 July 2018. The restrictions apply to all aviation, including unmanned aviation.

All aviation above central Helsinki and within air traffic control zones of Helsinki Airport will be prohibited (map 1: no-fly zone) with the exception of commercial air traffic heading to or leaving Helsinki Airport.

The wider area surrounding Helsinki will be designated as transponder mandatory zone (TMZ), radio mandatory zone (RMZ) and flight plan mandatory zone (FPL MZ) extending from the ground up to the airspace of the air traffic control of Helsinki Airport (map 2: no-fly zone on the area EFR416A, on the areas B1-B3 all aviation, including unmanned aviation, is allowed according to demands mentioned above). A flight plan shall be submitted two hours before the intended operating.

The restrictions apply to all aviation, including unmanned aviation. Therefore, it is not allowed to fly drones or other unmanned aircrafts in the areas shown on map 1. In the areas shown on map 2, flying a drone or other unmanned aircraft is allowed only with the above-mentioned restrictions. No exceptional permits will be granted.

Restrictions do not concern military, border guard, police, customs, maritime, aviation or rescue and fire fighting, emergency medical service or ambulance flight authorities or flights assigned by them when flying inside the area is required due to tasks assigned to authorities. Restrictions do not concern urgent medical flights by helicopters and flights based on an international obligation of Finland.


Further information:

Trafi: Senior Inspector Iiro Keskiväli, tel. +358 29 5346 052

Helsinki Police Department: Superintendent Sami Hätönen, tel. +358 50 560 6358