No drone zone signs to be put up in Naantali – no fly zone covers Naantalinsalmi and its surroundings

7/3/17, 9:00 AM
Naantalin No drone zone kartta

Naantalin No drone zone kartta

Naantali has a no fly zone, which applies to all aircrafts including drones. The no fly zone will be marked in July with specific No drone zone signs. The Naantali Luonnonmaa no fly zone comprises Naantalinsalmi's surroundings from Kultaranta, which is the Finnish president's summer residence, to Moominworld and the Old Town's shoreline area.

 "The objective of putting up these signs is to increase awareness among people who fly drones, as drone enthusiasts and tourists do not generally have a command of aviation regulations and are not necessarily aware of no fly zones,” explains Trafi's Chief Adviser Jukka Hannola: "No drone zone signs are already in use in Helsinki, where three no fly zones are marked with these. The signs are in English, because flying drones for the purpose of filming is also popular among foreign tourists. The QR codes printed on the signs and the encoded website addresses contain information in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The Naantali no fly zone was established in 2015 in a key area for the purpose of maintaining public order and safety. No fly zones can be established when necessary over locations and areas of specific relevance to rescue operations, government leadership, national defence, border control or contingency planning.

Flying in no fly zones may result in the confiscation of drones

The police monitor compliance with the no drone zones as part of their normal patrol duties. Technical aids are also used in carrying out the control measures. Flying a drone in the zones without an appropriate special permit may result in a legal penalty, and the police may confiscate the drone.

”From now on, the police will be more consistent in intervening in the unlawful flight of drones in the no fly zone,” explains the National Police Board's Superintendent Sami Hätönen.

Flying a drone is allowed with a special permission

Trafi may, for special reasons, grant permission for flying drones in the no fly zone.

The permits may be granted for a fixed term, for no longer than the current calendar year. Single permits can be granted when operators have an acute need for flying in the prohibited area. Permits are always granted on a case-by-case basis.

Applications for fixed-term permits must be submitted to Trafi at least 7 working days before the operations in the prohibited area are due to begin. Single permits must be applied for at least 3 working days before the operations in the prohibited area are due to begin.

In addition to the holders of special permits, certain authorities, such as the police, are permitted to fly their unmanned aircrafts in the prohibited areas.

The signs will be installed in a joint effort by Trafi, the National Police Board and the City of Naantali.

The zones indicated with no fly signs are areas where aviation is restricted as laid down in Government decree 614/2015.




Jukka Hannola, Chief Adviser,, tel. +358 29 5347 063, +35840 687 0456. On Twitter

National Police Board

Sami Hätönen, Superintendent, tel. +358 29 5483 428, +358 40 836 4895. On Twitter

City of Naantali

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