How to fly safely

How to fly safely


The number of drone pilots in Finland is rising fast. All drone pilots should know how to fly safely while respecting others privacy. 

Remember these

  • During flight always maintain visual contact to your drone.
  • Flying closer than 5km from an airport is not allowed without permission from the air traffic control tower.
  • The maximum allowed flight altitude is 150m. Flying in the control zone of an airport but still further away than 5km of the airport the maximum allowed flight altitude is 50m.
  • Flying a drone above a crowd of people is not allowed. 
  • The flight must not endanger or distrub the operations of an emergency services helicopter. 
  • While flying close to small airports or helipads such as Nummela or Meilahti you should be extra careful. 
  • Flying above cities is allowed when the pilot knows the flying area, has made sure that flying safely there is possible and the drone weighs less than 3kg.
  • Flights should not cause danger to or disturb other people. 
  • Drones are responsible for avoiding other aircraft.
  • Mark your drone with your name and contact information.
  • Taking an insurance against third party damages is recommended.


Choose a safe area to fly



Maintain visual contact to the drone


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Page updated 04/04/2017